Forum 2000 November Bulletin

The 27th Forum 2000 Conference | Outcomes

The 27th Forum 2000 Conference took place in a challenging context for democrats around the world. Almost two years after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and as autocrats try to expand their influence beyond all borders, democratic forces need to regain the initiative.

Remembering Karel Schwarzenberg | 1937 – 2023

Karel Schwarzenberg, former foreign minister, one of the most prominent figures in the Czech post-communist politics, former member of the Forum 2000 Board of Directors and a member of the International Coalition for Democratic Renewal, passed away at the age of 85. We thank him for his service to the Czech state, for his dedication to freedom and democracy, for his fondness for the Forum 2000 Foundation – and for his sharp sense of humor. We miss you, Prince Schwarzenberg!

Introducing Democratic Solidarity Africa

During the 27th Forum 2000 Conference, the project Democratic Solidarity Africa (DSA) was set in motion. The participants had a unique chance to share their views on the most pressing challenges to democracy faced by Africans, the dilemmas of the recent waves of coups across the continent, the complexities of Russian and Chinese influences, and many more intriguing themes. Our ongoing efforts aim to evolve the DSA initiative into a stable long-term network of African democrats.

Remembering the Velvet Revolution | 1989 – 2023

On November 17, 1989, Czechoslovak students took to the streets demanding freedom. They were brutally crushed by the security forces, but their example ignited a movement that ended the totalitarian rule. Their inspiring legacy remains alive!

The Forum 2000 editor’s pick

A selection of essential articles, opinions, ideas, and news from the Forum 2000 community.

Numerous journalists connected to Azerbaijani news site arrested | Arzu Geybullayeva | Global Voices | “At least three Azerbaijani journalists and editors have been detained by police this week, including Sevinc Vagifgizi and Ulvi Hasanli from Global Voices’ content partner Abzas Media, and journalist Mahammad Kekalov, who writes about people with disabilities and is a Global Voices contributor.”

Would you sell them out? | Timothy Snyder | A question for American lawmakers about Ukraine. A piece about the importance of maintaining the support for Ukraine from the West, especially the U.S.

Rebuild with Trust: How Ukraine’s Private Sector Can Strengthen the Integrity of Reconstruction and Combat Corruption | Ekaterina Lysova and Sofiia Sapihur | CIPE | “The heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to Russia’s full-scale assault shows the country’s unwavering determination to win the war and join the European Union and NATO. But the country’s fight against corruption will also determine Ukraine’s future as a democratic country. This report uses regulatory analysis, polling data, and field research to outline 23 recommendations for business integrity and oversight in Ukraine”.

How China Hinders Venezuelans’ Struggle for Democracy | Leopoldo López and Jianli Yang | The Diplomat | “China is a core part of the autocratic network that props up the Maduro regime in Venezuela”.

For Israelis and Palestinians, Peace and Freedom Must Go Hand in Hand | Michael Abramowitz | Freedom House | “As we reach the end of the first month in the current fighting between Israel and Hamas, I wanted to share some thoughts on the conflict, which started with the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust”.

The views expressed in these works are the responsibility of its authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Forum 2000 Foundation or its staff.