The Latest Transitions Projects: New Funding Tool, Seniors vs. Disinfo, SoJo Summit

Using verification workshops to transform media literacy among seniors

We combined forces with Czech Radio, the public broadcaster, and launched a series of verification workshops this year in Ostrava, Olomouc, and České Budějovice, sprucing up from our trial run in Prague last year. With support from Google, our goal was clear: to equip seniors with the skills to detect and combat disinformation.

In these workshops, seniors were immersed in real-world scenarios, from misleading health advertisements to questionable videos purporting to show street skirmishes between hostile ethnic groups. Guided by the expert team from, they honed their investigative skills, uncovering false endorsements and mastering OSINT (open-source intelligence) techniques.

Plus, in collaboration with the Czech non-profit senior organization Elpida, we have launched a monthly verification club, providing learning opportunities. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating the empowering impact of these workshops on our community’s ability to navigate the complex landscape of fake news.

A bit of context …

Last year, Transitions hosted a major event to boost media literacy among seniors: our Barcamp in Prague on October 19–20, 2023, where 30+ participants from 20 organizations took part in dynamic panel discussions, workshops, and collaborative sessions. It was a hit, sparking engaging conversations and knowledge exchange! 

But that’s not all – we’ve been busy creating innovative educational materials just for seniors in the Czech Republic. With Google’s support, we’ve crafted five fun and interactive videos based on the “5 key questions” approach. These come with online courses and handy manuals, revolutionizing digital literacy for older adults. Meanwhile, our partners at MEMO98 in Slovakia are empowering students with targeted media literacy education. Teaming up with and local libraries, they’re expanding their reach and boosting fact-checking skills among an often neglected demographic. Together, we’re sparking critical thinking and empowering communities one step at a time.

Introducing TakTak: Revolutionizing news media funding!

Eight dynamic European media organizations have teamed up to introduce TakTak, an exciting donation solution for the news media industry, with generous backing from the European Commission.

TakTak’s mission? To shake up the traditional revenue streams for European news media and freelance journalists by pioneering a user-friendly model that sparks reader donations on a per-article basis. This innovative approach will foster collaboration and revenue-sharing through intuitive tech tools and savvy marketing strategies.

Bringing together a vibrant mix of media organizations, from local media outlets like Mensagem in Lisbon to international groups like Worldcrunch, Transitions, and the World Association of News Publishers, TakTak is all about uniting journalists and organizations to navigate the ever-changing media landscape and equipping them with well-honed tools to combat misinformation and elevate media practices.

But TakTak isn’t just about financial sustainability. We’re all about championing quality journalism, amplifying diverse voices, and directly communicating with readers. So, hop on board this exciting journey as we revolutionize journalism funding and engagement with TakTak!

Announcing the inaugural European Solutions Journalism summit!

Too often, passionate solutions journalism practitioners find themselves working in isolation, their valuable insights confined to silos. That ends now! Mark your calendars for a pivotal gathering that will redefine the landscape of European journalism. Join us as we break down barriers and foster a sense of belonging within the European solutions journalism community. #EUSJS2024

Want to be part of a movement that transcends traditional reporting? Then save the date!

🗓️ September 27–28, 2024, Prague.

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Nomination for the annual Global Internship Conference

We’re excited to announce our nomination for the CIEE Global Internship Industry Partner Award in the category “Outstanding Commitment to Global Partnership”! This recognition is a testament to our commitment to fostering talent through the hosting of hundreds of interns at Transitions over the past 25 years. Partnering with the CIEE study abroad program for almost a decade has been incredibly rewarding, helping us move ahead with key projects and infusing our work with fresh perspectives. 

Winners will be revealed at the CIEE Global Internship Conference in London this June. If you share our passion for building up the skills of young people, we invite you to be a part of this exciting event – and register to join us! Your support is invaluable, so please show your encouragement by liking and sharing our journey through posts tagged #CIEE and #GICLondon2024.