Forum 2000 December Bulletin

Inspiration from the 27th Forum 2000 Conference

As we look towards 2024, the 5 Big Ideas from the recent 27th Forum 2000 Conference can inspire our thinking about the future of democracy.

Ideas on Democracy in the Western Balkans

Forum 2000 Foundation’s new publication focuses on some of the key aspects related to democracy in the Western Balkans: from EU integration to disinformation and the role of youth in democratization processes and conflict resolution. Authors of this work who are from the Western Balkans contributed with their views from the inside, while V4 authors provided their insights from the geographically and historically close outside.

Democratic Solidarity and Forum 2000 call for an end to the political persecution of the Venezuelan opposition

On Wednesday, December 6, Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorial regime once again resorted to its typical tactics of intimidation, systematic persecution, and direct assaults on the security and freedom of Venezuelan opposition leaders. From Democratic Solidarity and Forum 2000, we call for the respect of human rights and an immediate halt to the political persecution of Venezuelan leaders who are fighting for a free and prosperous country, including Pedro Urruchurtu, a Democratic Solidarity member. 

Remembering Václav Havel

On December 18, 2011, the world lost a visionary leader and advocate for freedom, Václav Havel. As the founder of Forum 2000, he played a pivotal role in promoting dialogue and defending the principles of democracy. President Havel’s legacy transcends his time, and his enduring impact on shaping a world grounded in freedom and justice will forever be remembered. His unwavering commitment to human rights and his role in fostering open discussions through Forum 2000 serve as an inspiration for generations to come. Václav Havel’s spirit lives on, and his profound contributions will continue to guide us in our ongoing pursuit of a more democratic world.

Remembering Shlomo Avineri

Renowned Israeli political scientist and intellectual Shlomo Avineri has passed away at 90. He was a professor of Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Professor Avineri was a longtime member of the Forum 2000 Program Council, as well as a frequent participant and speaker at Forum 2000 events. Thank you, Professor Avineri, R.I.P.