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Cross-Border Local: New funding and training opportunities for local cross-border investigative reporting! May 18, 2022, 16:00

This one-hour session will introduce you to new funding and training opportunities designed to strengthen cross-border, local investigative journalism across Europe. The Cross-Border Local initiative will offer grants to journalists interested in local, cross-border investigative journalism; training and mentoring in various aspects of investigative journalism; and a mini-MBA for local news media executives. Get to know our team and partners and what we have in mind for this exciting learning journey that we want you to not only share in but also help us build!

What to expect:
– Speakers will outline the main funding and training opportunities, but we also need your help!
– After we introduce the project, we plan to engage in a collective brainstorming to determine where the training needs are greatest and how this initiative can fill the gaps.
– Your input on what skills are most needed for investigative journalists – especially on the local level – will help us design the training opportunities that we will be offering in the near future.

The speakers:
Jeremy Druker is the executive director of Transitions, one of Central and Eastern Europe’s leading media development organizations, and editor in chief of TOL’s flagship publication, Transitions.

Jaroslav Valuch is a news literacy and fact-checking project manager at Transitions. He is an experienced practitioner in the field of media literacy, social media activism, countering hate speech, and communication with crisis-affected populations.

Ronald Tipan is a project coordinator of Local Cross-Border Journalism, working for the leader of the coalition, He is a skilled communication professional with a strong interest in Europe and international affairs and extensive professional experience working at international organizations.

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