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New Ways to Engage Seniors in Media Literacy

Between 20-22 October, together with our partner Elpida, we organized a three-day BarCamp where we held numerous panels and workshops for a group of 40 participants on the topic of senior media literacy. The event was held at a retreat outside of Prague, in collaboration with many local organizers, librarians, Czech local municipalities, and the seniors themselves. (In case the term BarCamp is new to you, these events are at least partially self-organized with participants much in control of the format, the processes, and the outcomes).  

The panels were led by specialists in the fields of sociology, security, psychology, and andragogy (adult education). The participants stayed engaged throughout, and we were happily surprised by the flow of energy and creativity that greatly contributed to the success of the event.

Using Data to Do Better SoJo

On 18 November, our team held a webinar on data-driven solutions journalism.  Two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist Matthew Kauffman, a top U.S. data journalist, headlined the event, entitled “The Role of Evidence in Solutions Journalism.” Matthew leads a data-reporting project for the Solutions Journalism Network, helping newsrooms use data to pursue solutions reporting. The workshop was co-hosted by our colleague, Transitions’ social media manager Nicole Ely.
In total we had 36 participants join us from all around the world. Participants said they appreciated the many new insights and examples in the field that will be valuable to those working on SoJo stories. The link to the recording can be found here so feel free to check it out!

Open to One and All: A Webinar Series on Boosting Disinformation Resilience Among Central European Seniors

Since 2018, Transitions and its partners have been testing different approaches to assist the senior population in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary in navigating the current information disorder with ease and confidence. We have organized more than 150 events in all corners of the region; developed online and offline innovative learning programs; conducted surveys, research, and focus groups; and shared in the design of the entire program with seniors themselves.
You can join us for a series of 4 online sessions where the program coordinators will introduce you to the key, guiding principles of this initiative and provide advice on how to empower older adults in your communities to become active partners in counter-disinformation efforts. The sessions will take place between December 2021 and February 2022. You can register for the events here.

The Transitions team would like to say a big thank you to all of our community members, supporters, and donors. You have contributed to our organization’s efforts in this difficult year of 2021 and without you, all of the achievements we’ve been sharing with you here wouldn’t have been possible.

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