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The Rediscovery of Gerta Schnirch

A conversation with author Katerina Tuckova, whose novel, soon to appear in English, addresses the postwar expulsion and mass murder of the Czech Germans. Read more.

Around the Bloc – 15 October

Regional headlines: Kyrgyz leader resigns; discriminating against COVID; protecting Polish farm animals; Austria’s Bosnians; and the new Borat movie. Read more.

Around the Bloc – 14 October

Regional headlines: Tsikhanouskaya raises stakes in Belarus; France’s role in Karabakh crisis; amazing Russian dogs; Polish games fly high; and confusion in Kyrgyzstan. Read more.

Serbian Government First Flaunts, Then Denies Selling Weapons to Both Armenia and Azerbaijan

Mixed messages by President Aleksandar Vučić may be an attempt not to antagonise Russia and Turkey. From Istinomer. Read more.

The Forbidden Fruits of Huawei

In her book of linked short stories, Krisztina Toth has written something very like a novel but with all the genre’s mechanisms of showing the interconnections between characters stripped away. Read more.

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