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Middle Europa: Literary Recognition Prompts Ig-Nobel Culture War
With two Polish writers scooping a Nobel Prize for literature and a Netflix series, respectively, Poland should be enjoying its laurels – but is instead engaged in culture war.

Around the Bloc – 16 December
In the news: U.S. Senate recognizes Armenian genocide; torture in
Uzbekistan; Romania commemorates revolution; the pope and Montenegro;
and refugees in Bosnia.

Around the Bloc – 13 December
Headlines from around the region: climate neutrality without Poland; five detained over Pavel Sheremet murder; Tudjman’s heirs; Serbia, Russia and NATO; and Tajik money woes.

Around the Bloc – 12 December
Regional highlights: Russia’s sports ban; Romanian refinery off the hook;
a landmark Russian court ruling; a Latvian oligarch’s Treasury problem;
and hate speech in Slovakia.
People: Before the Fall
Former Moldovan Prime Minister Maia Sandu sat down with Transitions a few weeks before her government collapsed – a big blow to reformers not only at home but across the region.
By Jeremy Druker
11 December 2019
Around the Bloc – 11 December
TOL’s regional news roundup: Poroshenko faces treason trial; St. Petersburg bomb
trial; mass shooting in Czechia; Kosovo and Serbia; and Eastern Partnership countries.

Society: New York in the Donbas
As Ukraine and Russia once again come to the negotiating table, a frontline town is trying to put itself back on the map. From openDemocracy.By Daniela Prugger10 December 2019

Around the Bloc – 10 December
Today’s regional roundup: Turkey in a tizzy over NATO plans; Albania opens probe
into deadly earthquake; Kazakhs and China; long-lived Azeris; and the Putin-Zelenskiy
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Foreign Correspondent Training Course: Going on Assignment in Prague

Broaden your knowledge, experience and expertise by signing up for our
summer journalism course which is taking place in Prague July 11 – 26, 2020.
A great introduction to international reporting, this course teaches participants how to carve out a place in a changing, but still fascinating profession and make it work financially. Course participants were trained by highly experienced foreign correspondents and completed a real-life reporting assignment under their guidance that generated an invaluable clip for an early-career journalist. Trainees also learned an essential skill in a profession that increasingly values multimedia proficiency.

Opinion: Uncivil War
Croatia rejects The Hague’s shock therapy, and gains a new saint.
by Uffe Andersen
10 January 2018

People: A Future President?
Viktor Yushchenko may have been Ukraine’s most popular politician for the past two years, but his weaknesses may still mean
he fails to become the next president.
By Ivan Lozowy
17 September 2004
Northern Kosovo: Rickety Bridge Between Troubled Partners
The violence in northern Kosovo underlines yet again how the Serbia-Kosovo relationship is an emotionally charged bundle of problems capable of unraveling at any time.
by Tihomir Loza
4 August 2011

People: A Bitter Pill
The Eastern Europeans are crying foul over the EU’s acceptance of restrictions on the free movement of labor for new members.    
by Yordanka Nedyalkova and Victor Gomez
26 July 2001