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Life After Coal
As coal mining is phased out, a Belgian example could inspire Slovakia’s mining towns to seek innovative approaches to their post-industrial future. From Dennik N.
4 November 2019

Around the Bloc – 4 November
News from around the region: high bail for Ukrainian MP; CEE “fearful for democracy”; Mongolian cybercrimes; troll farming in Poland; and the vegan anarchists of St. Petersburg.

Around the Bloc – 1 November
In the news: Georgian Orthodox Church in crisis; pipeline developments; Kosovo’s #MeToo; “sovereign internet” in Russia; and bad news for Plaha.


Moscow Looks to Build Internet Wall
Russia may temporarily disconnect the country from the internet.
12 February 2019

Merkel Gives Ground on Nord Stream 2
Berlin has until now stressed the pipeline’s commercial advantages, but can no longer ignore the swelling chorus of discontent.
11 April 2018