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Around the Bloc: Central Asia Braces for Climate Change Shocks
Farmers in the teeming Ferghana Valley are highly vulnerable to the effects of rising temperatures.
16 August 2018

Around the Bloc: Russian Extremism Law Comes Under Renewed Scrutiny
“Jokes on the internet are not extremism,” says Russian human rights council chairman.
16 August 2018

Politics: The Luxury of Oligarchy in the Swamp of Poverty
A video report explores the plague of oligarchy in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. From Ziarul de Garda.
15 August 2018

Around the Bloc: Latvian Pop Singer’s Refusal to Go to Crimea Irks Russian Elite
Across the Atlantic, the U.S. Congress unveils new sanctions against Russia, while the U.S. president still wouldn’t recognize the Russian annexation of the peninsula.
15 August 2018

Around the Bloc: Kremlin’s Economic Salvation Plan Takes ShapeMore taxes, pension cuts, and a smaller role for private businesses are in store.
14 August 2018 

Around the Bloc: Azeri Opposition Leader Mammadov Set Free
The release is prompting both relief and calls for continued pressure on the government to stop persecuting its critics.
14 August 2018


Foreign Tourists Flock to Ruble-Weak Russia
The number of foreign visitors is expected to soar in the summer as foreigners take advantage of the weakness of the Russian currency.
18 February 2016

Azerbaijan Halts EU Visit Over Human Rights Rebuke
Europe demands Baku release ‘political prisoners’ and end ‘crackdown on civil society’.
14 September 2015