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Around the Bloc: Romanian Protesters Channel Memory of Dead King
Rallies against changes to criminal procedure cap a year of roiling public anger at the government.
18 December 2017

Around the Bloc: Warming Spell Forecast on Uzbek-Kyrgyz Border
Troubled region welcomes readiness to address longstanding grievances on both sides.
18 December 2017

Around the Bloc: Russian Truckers in Fresh Protests
Drivers launched second nationwide action this year days after the arrests of two of their leaders.
18 December 2017

Around the Bloc: Cities Face Challenge of ‘Unprecedented’ Population Loss
Shrinking populations in Eastern European and Central Asian cities bring opportunities along with risks, a new study finds.
15 December 2017

Around the Bloc: President Putin Presents Candidate Putin
At annual Q&A session, Russian leader slights opposition, says he has led the country out of its troubles, and has good words for Donald Trump.
15 December 2017

Around the Bloc: Kazakh Miners End Underground Strike
Threatened with legal action — and promised a pay rise — ArcelorMittal workers end the country’s longest strike in years.
15 December 2017


More Discontent in Russia as Truckers Strike
Protest organizers say 10,000 trucks will block roads and disrupt traffic across the country
28 March 2017

Russia Accused of Leaking U.S. Democratic Party Emails
The embarrassing e-mails play into the hands of Donald Trump, as some see yet another indication that Russia is actively supporting the Republican…
25 July 2016