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Balkan Eye: In Class or in Jail?
A summer of attacks by Roma has Bulgaria again looking for answers, but, this time, politicians might actually be serious about it.
By Boyko Vassilev
19 July 2017

Society: Not Just a Game
When Bosnia was torn apart, football clubs were ethnically cleansed along with the population.
By Richard Mills
19 July 2017

Society: When Revisiting History is a Threat
Why do the Belarusian authorities oppose the revision of the Great Patriotic War myth?
18 July 2017


20 July 2017
Crowdfunded Russian Satellite Could Outshine the Stars
Mayak’s main purpose is to inspire new generations of space explorers. Some astronomers aren’t amused.

Uzbekistan Recovers Precious Artifact
A large decorative tile stolen from a medieval mausoleum will be going home, thanks to an Oxford scholar and the British Museum.

Slovakia Bites Back at Double-Standard Foods
European Commission indicates a change of tack on an issue that has Central and Eastern European countries seeing red.

Birth of ‘Little Russia’ Puzzles Kremlin, Ukrainian Separatists
Luhansk rebel leader says he isn’t part of his colleague’s plan for a new state on territory of ‘former Ukraine.’ 

19 July 2017
Night at the Metro, Game-of-Thrones Style
The seventh season of the internationally popular television series premiered in a Moscow metro station. 

18 July 2017
Montenegro Asks for International Assistance to Fight Wildfires
Neighboring Croatia is considering similar move after forest fires reached the suburbs of Split. 


The Czech Super Bowl
The popularity of “American” football in the lands of Bohemia and Moravia has been growing as local talent and foreign imports team up for the love of the game.
1 August 2016

Serious Football, Light History
In this telling of his soccer odyssey, journalist Jonathan Wilson lays traps for the unwary even as he entertains.
5 February 2009


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