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March 28
More Discontent in Russia as Truckers Strike
Protest organizers say 10,000 trucks will block roads and disrupt traffic across the country. 

Albania Braces for Communist-Era Revelations
Opening up secret files could make or break political careers, reveal dark family truths. 

Montenegro’s NATO Bid Enters Home Stretch
Washington is betting the tiny country can curb Russian influence in southeastern Europe. 

Tajik Army Begins Exercises With Russians – and Americans
China’s presence on the porous Tajik-Afghan border is also rising.

March 27
Navaly Claims Russian PM Medvedev Responsible for Protests Across Russia
Unapproved protests were the largest in years, leading to hundreds of arrests.  

Thousands March in Pro-Life Rallies in Romania and Moldova
Representatives of the Orthodox Church were also present at the rallies, which included shows of support for traditional families, a touchy subject in Romania. 

Hello, Again, Sofia
Long-serving, pro-EU prime minister wins Bulgarian elections, but might need support of populist, anti-migrant party.


Of Judges and Slaves 
Or, why a quibble over history topped all other news in Bulgaria.
By Boyko Vassilev

Tied in the Russo-Turkish Knot 
Bulgaria should pray for Europe to lift the curse of history.
By Boyko Vassilev

25 Years Later, Kazakhstan Grapples With Effects of Nuclear Tests 
Local residents near the notorious Semipalatinsk testing ground say radiation has left a deadly toll of disease.


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