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Balkan Eye: De-Balkanizing the Balkans
Bulgaria’s EU presidency next year probably won’t be very grandiose, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have purpose.By BOYKO VASSILEV19 June 2017


19 June 2017
Montenegrin ‘Royal’ Charged with Impersonation
Italian man reportedly created a fake royal identity, distributed phony titles and orders to Pamela Anderson and other dupes.

Russia’s Gadfly RBC Sold to Kremlin-Friendly Media Owner
Group was one of the last major media willing to investigate the hidd
en dealings of Putin and his circle.

New U.S. Sanctions Could Hit Russo-German Pipeline Project
White House reportedly working to defang Senate bill that would limit Trump’s powers to ease sanctions.

16 June 2017
Gay Woman Named Serbian Prime Minister
Political power likely to stay in hands of President Vucic and FM Dacic.

Romanian Ruling Party Turns on Own Man
Premier Grindeanu has refused to step down ahead of no-confidence motion next week.

Czech Republic’s Neanderthal-Age Secrets Brought to Light
Finds from an ancient campsite reveal changing ways of life at a crucial period in the development of modern Europeans.


Bulgaria’s West-Bashers Embrace Brexit 
The EU’s poorest country these days is full of ‘wooden philosophers’ inspired alike by Michael Gove and Vladimir Putin.
6 July 2016

Moldova Moves Closer to Russia-Led Trade Bloc: President 
Not so fast, rejoins the prime minister, who recently inked a new agreement with the EU.
19 April 2017


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