Forum 2000 March Bulletin

Latin America and Europe facing growing authoritarianism

The Forum 2000 Foundation organized the ninth edition of the “Democratic Solidarity in Latin America” conference in Montevideo, Uruguay, on 13–15 March. On the last day of the conference, there was a public discussion on Latin America and Europe facing growing authoritarianism, which was attended by students and members of civil society. The Forum 2000 Foundation and members of Democratic Solidarity signed a letter requesting the Venezuelan government to comply with the Barbados Agreement. The letter, sent to diplomatic delegations of the countries present at the signing of the agreement, calls for a fair electoral process to be guaranteed in the country and for María Corina Machado to be allowed to run as the legitimate opposition candidate. 

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Democratic Solidarity Africa Called for Preservation of Democratic Processes in Senegal

The Forum 2000 Foundation and members of Democratic Solidarity Africa (DSA) have expressed their solidarity with the people of Senegal in a joint statement amid a recent contentious election delay. After the vote was postponed for nearly a month, the Senegalese successfully elected their new president in a free and fair process last weekend. The Forum 2000 Foundation and DSA are glad that democracy in Senegal has been upheld, and they will continue to monitor future developments in the country.

Forum 2000 Conference will focus on the current challenges faced by democracy

The 28th edition of the annual Forum 2000 international conference will take place on 13–15 October 2024 in the Prague Congress Centre. Traditionally, this event is attended by a number of important world intellectuals, politicians, and human rights activists, as well as analysts, scholars, and civil society representatives.

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