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September 23

Nordic Nations: EU Must Punish Hungary Over Stance on Refugees
Hungarians are expected to reject a EU plan for quotas to settle asylum seekers in an upcoming referendum.

UN Expert: Azerbaijan’s Civil Society ‘Paralyzed’
Report by UN special rapporteur comes ahead of 26 September referendum on constitutional changes enhancing President Ilham Aliyev’s powers.

Putin, Dodik Meet Ahead of Illegal Republika Srpska Referendum
Milorad Dodik’s defiance of ban on ‘Statehood Day’ plebiscite seen as bid to highlight weakness of Bosnia’s central authorities, pave way for secession vote.

Kosovo’s Booby-Trapped Field of Dreams
Serbian scholar Ivan Colovic’s new book is a powerful study of the struggle for mythmaking rights to a signal event in Balkan history.

September 22

New Cities for a New Road
Spanking new towns and ports are popping up along the route of China’s New Silk Road from Asia to the Caucasus and Europe.

Old Faces with Shady Pasts Adorn Bosnian Local Elections
Ten ex-cons are among the candidates running in the 2 October local elections.

Russia Ups Oil Output Ahead of OPEC Meeting
Russia could soon become the world’s biggest oil producer if it continues pumping oil at levels not seen since Soviet times.

September 21

Czechs Hold Russian Dissident Artist on Interpol List, Extradition Unsure
Moscow is awaiting official notice from Prague about the possible repatriation of Oleg Vorotnikov, a founding member of Russian public-art collective Voina.


Deep Trouble
Baikal, the world’s deepest lake, loses some of its hard-won protection.

The Comfortable Confines of Art
With subsidized rent and a skill in demand, an artist in Belarus can make a good living, but the appetite for challenging works is limited. A TOL Special Report.

Airing Grievances
Residents of the Serbian city of Pancevo are speaking up about the health hazard of living in this industrial town.

Forgotten Art
A new project encourages a second look at the Czech Republic’s late-communist public artworks.

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