Czech Foreign Policy in the Restless World

We would like to cordially invite you to the AMO debate Czech Foreign Policy in the Restless World which shall accompany the official presentation of our annual publication AMO Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2017.

THE EVENT IS HELD IN THE CZECH LANGUAGE without interpretation into English.

In 2016, the Czech foreign policy had to face the most difficult international situation to date. The Brexit referendum, the right-wing populism on the rise (not only) in Europe, the ongoing war in Syria, and the immigration crisis – these are only few of the issues the Czech diplomacy had to face in the course of the last year.

So far it seems that 2017 is not going to be any easier in terms of the foreign policy questions, and therefore, the significance of foreign politics is not to be diminished. Key elections are set to take place in the Netherlands, France, Germany, and in October in the Czech Republic as well. The results of these elections shall indicate which trend shall win in the EU: fragmentation or cooperation. The UK shall commence the negotiations related to the conditions of their leaving the EU and the twenty seven member-states will have to deal with the question of its future course. It is expected that the necessary reform of the asylum and immigration policy shall stay on top of the agenda, as the Turkish deal is only a temporary solution to an ongoing issue. Thus, the Czech Republic shall have to reconsider what EU it wants to belong to. No smaller issues are to be seen in the global politics either, as there is a big question mark hanging over the new USA, Russia, and China relationship dynamics.


  • Jakub Dürr, Deputy for European Issues, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Rudolf Jindrák, Director of the International Department, Office of the President
  • Kateřina Šafaříková, Respekt

Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2017 will be presented by its editor

  • Vít Dostál, AMO
  • Tereza Jermanová, AMO


  • Vlaďka Votavová, AMO

The discussion and presentation take place on Wednesday, March 22, 2017  at Braunův Dům, Karlovo náměstí 24, Prague. Please register here.

Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy is the annual publication on foreign policy of the Czech Republic and its priority areas which has been published by the AMO Research Center since 2007.  It critically assesses the conduct of the Czech Republic on the international stage in given year and then offers particular policy recommendations for the next year.
The discussion will be tweeted live under the #AMOagenda hashtag.