Center for Community Organizing (CCO/CpKP)

The Center for Community Organizing (CCO) is a non-for-profit non-governmental organization that provides information and advisory services to representatives from public administration, civic organizations and businesses in the following areas – citizen/NGOs participation in local and regional development, local sustainable development, regional policy of European Union and regional development of the Czech Republic, educating, supporting and strengthening of nonprofit non-government organizations and citizens.CCO designs and implements public participation programs in planning and decision-making processes. For example programs for citizen participation in planning and designing of public spaces, in housing estate revitalizations, in preparation of community development strategies or in investment planning. CCO provides consultation services for preparation of local social economic development projects with respect of sustainability principles. CCO implements activities promoting principles of partnership and transparent decision-making in regional policy of European Union. CCO supports and educates members of civic and non-profit organizations on all levels. CCO is one of the oldest systematic long-term supporters of the rural development and LEADER programme in Czech Republic. Transfer of know-how from other countries, as community planning of social services, social economy or social innovations are also our priorities. We have branches in 6 regions of Czech Republic, including Prague. After 20 years from the start we trained as employees probably 500 Czech project managers, mostly for the NGO sector and public administration.

Mobile: +420 777 793 711