Institut for European Policy – Europeum

EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy is a non-profit, non-partisan, and independent think-tank focusing on European integration. EUROPEUM contributes to democracy, security, stability, freedom, and solidarity across Europe as well as to the active engagement of the Czech Republic in the European Union. EUROPEUM undertakes research, publishing, and educational activities and formulates new ideas and opinions to the EU and Czech policymaking.

Enhancing the Influence and Cross-Border Co-operation between CSO in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Serbia regarding European Integration (2011)

The idea of the project is to push the development of NGOs and expert coalitions focused on the process of European integration in Bosnia and Serbia. This will open public debate and raise awareness among citizens of both countries about the integration process, and support the development of public and exert pressure on the government institutions.

A healthy civil society – a successful state (strengthening the capacities of Egyptian civil society) (2011)

The aim of the project is to help Egypt build partnerships and effective relationships between the state and civil society. Sharing the Czech experience should serve Egyptian actors to promote a healthy relationship between civil society and the state, a relationship that is based on the rights and obligations of both parties and their affiliate status.

Mapping out possibilities of V4 countries in strengthening the civil society sectors of Serbia and Georgia (2009)

A three-year international project led by the Centre for EU Enlargement Studies.  The project aims at providing a comprehensive overview of democracy assistance projects in Serbia and Georgia, focusing on assisting civil society sectors of these countries. The findings of the research will identify niches for Visegrad countries to contribute to the democratization of target countries by strengthening their civil societies.

How to engage together in a policy dialogue? Building a consultation platform between NGOs and government in Kosovo using the Czech experience (2010)

The main objective of the project was to strengthen the role of specifically selected NGOs, which work on the development and implementation of public policies, and their ability to conduct a structured political dialogue with government authorities by using the long-term experience of selected NGOs and experts from the Czech Republic.

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