DEMAS – Association for Democracy Assistance and Human Rights

DEMAS, an independent platform of Czech non-governmental organisations (NGOs), was established in 2008. The founding membership comprises 11 NGOs that have over many years demonstrated their commitment to the support of democracy assistance, human rights and civil society in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Annual Forum 2000 conference starts this Sunday

The 25th Forum 2000 Conference titled What Now? Building Back Democratically will take place on October 10-12, 2021. The program will be accompanied by the Festival of Democracy on October 10-16, 2021.


EUROPEUM has new leadership | Invitation: Democracy back then and now: What challenges are we facing? 12th October, from 16:00 to 17:30 | To what extent will the parliamentary elections affect the parties’ approaches to the European Union? 6 October 2021 from 17:30 to 19:00 | REPORT: The V4 towards a new NATO Strategic Concept and the EU Strategic Compass | EURACTIV: Turkey under Erdogan has little chance of good relations with the EU | ČT24: What is the plan for EU accession for Western Balkans? | Youth Conference in Prague.


Program of the 25th Forum 2000 Conference: October 10-12 2021 | Program of the Festival of Democracy: October 10-16 | How to join the online stream of the Conference | #Forum2000online Chat on post-election Germany.

New at AMO

Disinformation Resilience Index in Central and Eastern Europe in 2021 | Conference on Climate and Security | The Environmental Impact of Chinese Projects in the Western Balkans | 15 Top tips for Effective Feminist Advocacy.

News from the CEELI Institute – Fall 2021

The Villa Grébovka Celebrates 150 Years: 1871–2021 | Building The Rule Of Law: Firsthand Accounts Of A Thirty-Year Global Campaign | CEELI Resumes In-Person Training | Digitalization and the Courts in Central and Eastern Europe.

EU-PACIFIC Talks: China: Friend or Foe? China’s growing influence and its impact on the EU | European Summer School 2021 “Europe’s Pandemic Recovery” | Youth Conference in Prague.