DEMAS – Association for Democracy Assistance and Human Rights

DEMAS, an independent platform of Czech non-governmental organisations (NGOs), was established in 2008. The founding membership comprises 11 NGOs that have over many years demonstrated their commitment to the support of democracy assistance, human rights and civil society in the Czech Republic and abroad.

AMO: new analyses, commentaries, podcasts

Connecting V4 and other regional expert networks & researching the potential for future EU coalitions: V4 & Baltics | Online Database of Female Experts in Czech Foreign Policy | How China and India are Competing in Vaccine Diplomacy.

Forum 2000: NGO market online and other updates

This year’s NGO Market – Week for the Non-Profit Sector – will be held online between the 19th and 23rd of April | Interviews: Nury A. Turkel: The international community is trading with genocidal regime as we speak, Arunabha Ghosh: Youth need to be involved in creating a sustainable policy | Democratic Solidarity annual conference: Symptoms of (de)democratization in Latin America.

EUROPEM: events, commentaries, analyses

COMMENTARIES: European Council meeting on 25 and 26 March | Can relations between the European Union and Turkey be expected to improve? | Conference on the future of Europe as a game of citizen involvement | In the Western Balkans, there is a risk of increased influence of foreign participants | Czech public broadcaster’s independence threatened ahead of elections.