Centre of Relief and Development Diaconia ECCB

The Centre of Relief and Development is part of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren Diakonia, which helps thousands of clients in adverse life situations within the framework of its nationwide activities and bases its work and mission on Christian values. Our common goal is to provide dignified living conditions for the most vulnerable, not only material ones. In addition to direct assistance, we also focus on psychosocial support and mental health care. We support local communities in the Czech Republic and around the world so that they may not need our or other help in the future.

Our centre helps in humanitarian crises – currently mainly in Ukraine, Lebanon, Myanmar and Bangladesh. We are also supporting agricultural development and farmer training in Cambodia, and better protection of children’s rights in Vietnam in conjunction with human trafficking issues. In our country, we provide assistance, for example, during floods and are involved in improving the preparedness of communities for various emergencies. We also train volunteers for aid in the Czech Republic and work to raise general awareness of development cooperation and humanitarian aid.

E-mail: sekretariat@diakoniespolu.cz 

WWW: www.diakoniespolu.cz