Transparency International CZ

Since 1998, TI-CZ has been safeguarding the public interest and working towards an effective and responsible state administration. Its legal and educational services solve small and large corruption and civic oversight cases that affect Czech society.  

In line with its mission of protecting the public interest and promoting efficiency and accountability in the Czech Republic TI-CZ initiates the development of effective democratic rule abroad.   

In Egypt, TI-CZ helped with the promotion of free access to information for citizens. A joint project of TI-CZ and TI Serbia “Justice against corruption” was concerned with creating a functioning system of anti-corruption activities. In Ukraine, “Transparency of political parties financing” project was focused on support of Ukrainian anti-corruption legal reforms. In countries as Belarus, Kosovo or Ukraine, TI-CZ supports transparency of elections and monitoring of electoral frauds.

Phone: +420 224 240 895-7
Contact Person Ondřej Cakl