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March 23
Croatia Keeps Up Threats To Block Serbia’s EU Accession
Zagreb calls for respect for human rights and other conditions to be met.

Ukrainian President Talks Of A Swap For Pilot Convicted In Russia
Russian foreign minister says only Putin can make such an agreement.

Kremlin Outraged at Ukrainian Claim That Russia Linked to Brussels Attacks
Top official in Kyiv draws harsh response from Russian politicians who also use the opportunity to denounce Western ‘double standards.’

Russia Decides To Ban ‘Communist Monopoly,’ Popular Polish Board Game
Authorities reportedly accuse the game of being anti-Russian and too critical of Soviets.

Lithuanian Elves Do Battle With Russian Trolls
Now in the hundreds,  the elves try to turn the tide in the comment sections of the country’s websites.

March 24
Troops Deployed Near Disputed Ferghana Valley Mountain
Kyrgyz opposition groups protest perceived official inaction to settle long-running border disputes.

‘Butcher of Bosnia’ Convicted of Genocide
Hague tribunal holds Radovan Karadzic responsible for Sarajevo siege, Srebrenica massacre and other atrocities.

Kyiv At Fault for Impeding Peace Process: Lavrov
Ukraine insists separatist areas are too insecure to hold elections there, as stipulated in Minsk peace deal.

Poland Will Take No Migrants, Szydlo Says
Conservative government reacts to Brussels terror attacks, warns other EU countries against migrant ‘terrorists.’

Cameo Roles for Guns and Jewish Stars in Slovak Parliament
Many parliamentarians concerned over election of ‘fascists’ and rising level of intolerance in the country.

March 25
Karadzic Verdict Exposes Bosnia’s Unhealed Scars
Srebrenica survivors outraged that former Bosnian Serb leader escapes life sentence; Serbian radicals rally behind him.

Ukraine Parliament Speaker a Possible Yatsenyuk Successor
Volodymyr Groysman emerges as front-runner to replace unpopular premier.

Warsaw, Budapest Demand More Anti-Terror Powers
Conservative governments claim Brussels tragedy proves link between refugees and terrorists.

Albania ‘War’ with Greece Nearly Over
Greeks accept olive branch over WWII, but rights of ethnic minorities, handling of current migrant crisis, remain heated.

Cleaning Up Eastern Europe’s Radioactive Legacy
Romanian and Czech authorities are failing to ensure the safety of former uranium miners and other people exposed to contamination, an investigation claims.


Nostalgia for the Communist Past
Why Central Europe’s young are dancing, dressing, and drinking as their parents did before 1989.
By Victor Gomez

Radovan Karadzic, ‘Serbian Hero’
Efforts to capture Karadzic have been stepped up recently, but the high-profile operation seems to harden Bosnian Serb public opinion.
By Michael Logan

How to Stop the War in Eastern Ukraine
Must Ukraine give up Donbas or would that only encourage more aggression? Second in a series.
By Yevgenia Belorusets

Enter With Caution
Tougher entry requirements and lethal threats disrupt life and commerce in a town near the Uzbek frontier.
By Muhiddin Tojiev and Murod Umar