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Around the Bloc: Kazakhstan Seeks Return of Frozen Fortune
UK court ruling saw $22 billion worth of state assets being frozen in a highly unusual case.24 May 2018

Around the Bloc: Defying Brussels, Romania Vows Further Deficit Spending
Government says no end to austerity-busting course despite warnings of an overheating economy.
24 May 2018

Columns: Russia Suspected in New Cyberattack on Ukraine
FBI says it hobbled the attack, but researchers warn it may not be over; Dutch police accuse Russia in MH17 shootdown.
24 May 2018

Education: Under No Illusions
As new textbooks on Russian history, close to the Kremlin playbook, are rolled out in the country’s high schools, some teachers make clear that they are not so easily fooled.
23 May 2018 

Around the Bloc: Influx of Migrants Add to Tensions Ahead of Bosnian Elections
Relations between the country’s three ethnic minorities flare up as thousands of migrants surge through the Balkans.
23 May 2018 

Opinion: What I Learned About Eastern European Democracy From Lithuania’s Youth
A Canadian professor of Economics muses on Lithuania’s post-Communist transformation. From The Conversation.
23 May 2018

Around the Bloc: Bulgarian N-Plant Sparks Back to Life
Russian-backed Belene project put on ice in 2012 over EU concerns and slow investor take-up.
22 May 2018 

Around the Bloc: Russian Big-City Mayor Quits in ProtestThe popular, controversial Yevgeny Roizman is one of few regional politicians willing to take on the ruling establishment.
22 May 2018 

Society: A Childhood Spent in Prison
In Turkey, hundreds of kids, including toddlers, live in detention along with their mothers.
22 May 2018 

Around the Bloc: Tirana Pyramid Slated for Dramatic Makeover
The former museum honoring dictator Hoxha will become a hip space for digital learning and creativity.
22 May 2018

 Can Poland Afford Free School Books?
The government’s free textbook scheme will bring financial relief to many families, but publishers say the state is effectively monopolizing a profitable business.
3 June 2014

New Ransomware Outbreak Hits Russia, Ukraine
‘Bad Rabbit’ looks a lot like the NotPetya attack that ravaged Ukrainian computer systems in June.
25 October 2017