Summer reading: analyses from EUROPEUM

Policy paper: The Legal Status of Accredited Parliamentary Assistants

In her policy paper, Nicole Grmelová deals with accredited assistants to the European Parliament, commonly referred to as APAs. She examines their legal status and evaluates its efficiency, strengths and weaknesses, and also compares its written wording with the actual implementation after 10 years of existence of the legal status of assistants.

POLICY PAPER: The European Parliament and climate change: past, present and future

Kateřina Davidová, in her latest policy paper, examines climate policy in the European Parliament. Looking ahead and drawing conclusions form past climate policies, what are the future perspectives?

Despite Britain’s efforts to combat climate change at home, its overall climate impact is rising

Miňo Urbaník authored a blog-post on the Great Britain’s climate policy.

POLICY PAPER: Reconciliation in the Western Balkans: Overcoming the past together

Gentiola Madhi, Jana Juzová, Tomáš Strážay, Adam Balcer, Jelica Minić and Nikolett Garai are authors of a policy paper on reconciliation in the Western Balkans.

Structural transition in coal regions – experiences from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and the EU.

Report from a round table on the topic of structural transitions of coal regions is now available.

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