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Letter From the Editor: Why Transitions is More Committed Than Ever to Solutions Journalism

By Jeremy Druker – The global pandemic again makes clear the crucial importance of reporting on effective responses. Read more.

‘Your Traditions, Our Blood!’: The Struggle against Patriarchal Violence in Kyrgyzstan

By Mohira Suyarkulova – In Kyrgyzstan, it appears that the police and nationalist groups are increasingly conspiring to push organized feminism off the streets. From openDemocracy. Read more.

Around the Bloc – 2 April

Today’s regional roundup: help for the Kazakh economy; Ukrainians stranded in conflict zone; coronavirus in Romania; Eastern Partnership countries and the EC; and brainstorming in Bulgaria. Read more.

A Simple Mask

By Tomas Brolik, Petr Horky, and Jiri Nadoba – How a hard-to-find piece of cloth came to symbolize shortage of medical supplies as the pandemic hit the Czech Republic. From Respekt. Read more.

Orban Uses Coronavirus to Put Hungary’s Democracy in a State of Danger
By  Daniel Hegedus – The Hungarian prime minister has shown his true colors through a recently-adopted act. From the German Marshall Fund.
Read more.

Around the Bloc – 1 April

TOL’s regional roundup: Russian prisoners at risk; Poland and Gazprom; phone tracking in Armenia; Hungary criticized by MEPs; and Tajikistan vs. RFE. Read more.

Our Bodies, Our Wen-Do

By Hanna Liubakova – With domestic violence rates in Belarus among the highest in Europe and few legal protections, some women are turning to self-defense classes. Read more.

Systemic Infection

By Martin Ehl – To understand coronavirus, we need to consider its effects on freedom and democracy, with Hungary at the forefront. Read more.

Around the Bloc – 30 March

Regional news: Montenegro outs virus carriers; Belarus carries on as usual; Caspian cargo; Central Asia asks for virus aid; and Korean culture. Read more.

Bride for a Day
By Nilay Vardar  — Pretend weddings for Turkish women with Down’s Syndrome are helping neither the bride, nor her loved ones. Read more.

Around the Bloc – 27 March

TOL’s regional roundup: fake news in Ukraine; Polish elections; migrants in Bosnia; Turkmenistan’s elephant in the room; and Orthodoxy in times of coronavirus.
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