New Forum 2000 policy paper

Policy Paper: From Democracy Summit to Global Democratic Agenda?

As a follow up to the 25th Forum 2000 Conference, please let us share with you the latest Forum 2000 policy paper, From Democracy Summit to Global Democratic Agenda?, written by Richard Youngs (United Kingdom), Maiko Ichihara (Japan), Sook-Jong Lee (South Korea), Fonteh Akum (South Africa), Constantino Xavier (India), and Patricio Navia (Chile).

The decision of the US administration to hold a Summit for Democracy has enlivened debates about international democracy support. A virtual summit in December 2021 will lead to a year of follow-up initiatives and then an in-person summit in late 2022. This policy brief focuses on one very specific element: the question of how a meaningful participation of Asian, African, and Latin American democracies can best be encouraged and ensured. The paper offers 5 ideas for maximizing their future involvement.