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Kremlin Opposition Figure Detained Upon Return to Russia

Plus, Chinese university to open in Budapest, Uzbeks seeking love in South Korea, and more. Read more.

Turkey’s Minority Women Find Their Voice
The Turkish media are often bereft of information about the country’s non-Muslim minorities, but the magazine Paros and its female co-founders are trying to change that. Read more.

Russia Withdraws From Open Skies Treaty

Plus, a Hungarian treasure trove, Russian athletes propose new anthem, and more. Read more.
Debunking Media-Driven Myths About Migrants
The situation on the ground stands in sharp contrast to the biased reports of many media outlets in Bosnia. From Mediacentar. Read more.

Lithuania Pays Tribute to Civilians Killed 30 Years Ago

Plus, Nazi symbols in the Russian circus, good news for bison, and more. Read more.
A Dose of Strong Medicine
In a peculiar way, the Polish celebrity COVID jab affair could do more to raise vaccination rates than any number of official PR campaigns. Read more.

Corruption Investigation Topples Estonian Government

Plus, Navalny to return to Russia, hockey in Belarus, social media in Turkey, and more. Read more.
The Revolution Will Be Advertised
How memes, graffiti, and marketing became tools for dissenters in Belarus. From Outriders. Read more.

Swedish Court Sentences Pair for Attack on Chechen Blogger

Plus, operation stork nest in Poland, Putin hosts meeting between Armenian and Azerbaijani leaders, and more. Read more.