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Around the Bloc: Slovak Farmers Demand End to Subsidy Fraud
Protest against lack of transparency in agricultural sector is inspired by the work of a slain journalist.
21 June 2018 

Around the Bloc: Armenia Steps Up Pressure on Old RegimeA prominent Karabakh war veteran faces corruption allegations as the new authorities continue phasing out former government officials.
21 June 2018

Around the Bloc: Long Awaited, Long Feared: Russia to Raise Retirement Age
Population loss and a shrinking workforce are stressing the state’s capacity to maintain the pension system.
18 June 2018

Around the Bloc: The Balkan Love Affair With Guns
The turmoil of the 1990s has left a lasting mark on the region in the form of high levels of gun ownership.
20 June 2018

Around the Bloc: Workers: Ukraine’s Loss is Poland’s Gain
Poland, long a major source of emigration, is increasingly becoming a magnet for workers from poorer countries to its east.
20 June 2018

Around the Bloc: Uzbekistan’s Afghan Peace Overture
Officials have made direct contact with the Taliban as a prelude to peace talks
20 June 2018

Society: A Mood Makeover
A de facto ban on drinking alcohol has transformed the atmosphere around popular hangout spots in Istanbul, much to the chagrin of some locals.
19 June 2018

Around the Bloc: Migrants Surge Through New Balkan Routes
Bosnian police shut down a border crossing on Monday to stop migrants from entering neighboring Croatia.
19 June 2018

Around the Bloc: Two People to Be Prosecuted in Latvian Banking Scandal
Although their names were not mentioned, public TV identified one of them as Bank of Latvia Governor Ilmars Rimsevics.
19 June 2018


Aid Promised for Sanctions-Hit EU FarmersDespite loss of Russian market, overall European food exports are rising.8 September 2015 Dialing Up the Diaspora ​After years of promises, Armenia’s leadership President Serzh Sargsyan says it’s high time to get Armenians abroad more involved in development policy, but will the diaspora even be interested? 3 February 2017


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