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Conflict & Diplomacy: Who Gets to Use the Name ‘Macedonia?’
A decades-old row yet to be resolved. From The Conversation.
8 February 2018

Around the Bloc: Moldovan President Blasts Romanian Unification Talk
As Dodon warns of impending ‘civil war,’ his government inks military pact with Romania.
8 February 2018

Around the Bloc: Latvian Citizen Accused of Spying for Russia
Senior Russian lawmaker confirms deployment of ballistic missiles in Kaliningrad.
8 February 2018

Around the Bloc: Juncker Throws Cold Water on Piran Bay Dispute
European Commission chief tells Zagreb and Ljubljana the EU wants no part of the long-running border squabble.
8 February 2018

Around the Bloc: Slovak Astrobiologist Off to Mars (Kind Of)
Young scientist becomes one of a chosen few for a NASA-funded mission to explore what life might be like on the Red Planet.
7 February 2018

Around the Bloc: Science Suffering in Bulgaria
EU freezes R&D funding because the country couldn’t come up with enough qualified local scientists to evaluate proposals.
7 February 2018

Around the Bloc: Russian Agents Swoop on Dagestan Officials
Latest arrests seem to be part of a purge of the notoriously anarchic republic’s top brass.
6 February 2018

Around the Bloc: Kazakhstan Moves to Crack Down on Islamic Dress
In Tajikistan as well, religious institutions and their followers wrestle with new restrictions.
6 February 2018

Around the Bloc: Ukrainian Nationalist Militia Seeks Legal Status
Rightwing groups also protest against Polish law making it a crime to deny atrocities committed by Ukrainian nationalists during WWII.
6 February 2018


An Unmitigated Breakthrough
Bulgaria and Macedonia sign a historical treaty that could prove a key turning point in a region riddled with identity questions.
29 August 2017

Hamstrung Moldovan President Loses Fight with Government
Igor Dodon vows again to replace the parliamentary form of government with a presidential state.
25 October 2017