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Society: A Small Town in Bulgaria Sees Its Chance to Shine
Razgrad emerges from obscurity on the back of a local team’s
international sporting success.
28 September 2017

Around the Bloc: Hungarian Ruling Party Relaunches Anti-Soros Drive
What the party bills as a democratic exercise merges seamlessly
into a political ad campaign ahead of next year’s election.
28 September 2017

Around the Bloc: Uzbekistan Silent on Reason for Writer’s Detention
The first dissident to test the openness of the year-old, post-Karimov
administration was promptly arrested after his return from exile.
28 September 2017

Around the Bloc: Eastern European Lifestyle Unhealthiest In the
World, Study Suggests

Nine out of the top 10 nations with the least healthy eating,
drinking, and smoking habits are in the post-communist region.
27 September 2017

Around the Bloc: EU Offers Help to Tackle Food Inferiority in
Central and Eastern Europe

Multinationals have “cheated and misled” the east for years, the
European Commission says.
27 September 2017

Around the Bloc: Romanian Ruling Party Pitted Against
Corruption Agency

Social Democrats close ranks as two of their ministers face
abuse of office allegations in a corruption case involving the
party’s boss.
27 September 2017

Around the Bloc: UN Says Russia Abusing Human Rights
in Crimea

New report gathers evidence for arbitrary detentions, abductions,
torture and systematic repression since the annexation of the
Ukrainian territory.
26 September 2017

Around the Bloc: Moldovan Leader Seeks to Broaden His Powers
Igor Dodon keeps on sniping at pro-EU government despite
joining forces with ruling party on controversial electoral law.
26 September 2017

Around the Bloc: Duda Pulls Semi-U Turn on Judicial Reform
Polish ruling party and European Commission likely to find
fault with president’s proposals.
26 September 2017

Around the Bloc: Neighbours Irate Over Ukrainian Language Law
While Russian would be most affected, the proposal to restrict
teaching in foreign languages could hit many minorities.
26 September 2017


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Not Just a Game
When Bosnia was torn apart, football clubs were ethnically cleansed
along with the population. From The Conversation.
19 July 2017

A Lecture From a Forgotten Professor 
What might seem like just another anniversary of a forgotten scholar
strikes a chord in contemporary Bulgarian society.
6 September 2012


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