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Media: Rise and Fall
Media freedom in Central and Eastern Europe has dramatically deteriorated since five countries in the region joined the EU.
17 July 2017


17 July 2017
Uzbekistan Launches Latest Drive Against Polygamy
Economic and religious motivations alike are behind the rise in multiple marriages, observers say.

Poles Rally Against Government’s Judicial Overhaul
Rightist government says judges are corrupt and immoral, so it needs more powers to hire and fire them.

Malaysia, Australia Demand Justice for Citizens Killed Aboard MH17
Even Russia admits a Buk missile shot down the Malaysian airliner three years ago today, but its version of events is finding few takers. 

14 July 2017
Glacial EU Accession Process Frustrates Balkan Leaders
At the latest EU-Western Balkans Summit six EU hopefuls heard promises of aid, but not the kind they really want.

Russia’s Yandex Takes Lion’s Share of Uber Deal
The search engine giant will control almost 60 percent of a new ride-sharing company with a six-country reach.

In Eurasia, Cryptocurrency Is the Next Big Thing
Kazakhstan launches what it hopes will be an incubator for digital money and financial technology startups.


The Fate of Independent Media in Crimea
After the Russian annexation, journalists had to choose between leaving, embracing a pro-Russian stance, or avoiding politics altogether.
14 April 2017

Bad News
Media outlets in Central and Eastern Europe make a poor showing in international journalism watchdog reports, and there is plenty of blame to go around.
16 August 2016


Vanishing lives: Moldova’s abandoned countryside

Our newest campaign is for a feature on Moldova’s dying villages by multimedia journalist Max Polyakov. Probably Europe’s poorest country, Moldova has lost hundreds of thousands of people since it broke free of the Soviet Union. Most working-age adults have left the countryside to go abroad or to the cities in search of jobs, leaving behind children and elderly. Schools and medical facilities have closed for lack of staff and there is an epidemic of loneliness among Moldova’s older rural residents. Max and his team want to create a visual treatment of the problem that includes input from experts on the subject as well as portraits of those affected.