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Fourth Estate: Through the Looking Glass
The Russian hunt for fake news isn’t exactly genuine.
By Peter Gross
10 July 2017

Society: Medieval Castles, Amusement Parks, and Underground Coffee Houses
In addition to being potential summer destinations, these 11 cities can give you a better understanding of Ukraine.
By Natalia Tikhonova
7 July 2017


10 July 2017
Poland Stands in for Red Planet
Six volunteers are preparing for a simulated Mars mission later this month.

New Mongolian Leader Pledges to Cut Dependence on China
Stagnant economy and lingering disputes with foreign mining majors could hamper serious reforms.

Lithuania Jails Russian for Spying
Spying accusations and convictions against Russians and alleged local helpers are on the rise in the Baltics.

7 July 2017
Hungarian Anti-Soros Billboard Campaign Sparks Fears of Anti-Semitism
Orban and his cabinet deny such claims, insisting the target is not Hungarian-born billionaire’s ‘ancestry or identity but what he does.’


Kyiv: A City of Murals
Will the Ukrainian capital become a new center of street art culture?
9 March 2017

 Art in Ruins
Street art speaks to locals in Mostar.
10 March 2017


Vanishing lives: Moldova’s abandoned countryside

Our newest campaign is for a feature on Moldova’s dying villages by multimedia journalist Max Polyakov. Probably Europe’s poorest country, Moldova has lost hundreds of thousands of people since it broke free of the Soviet Union. Most working-age adults have left the countryside to go abroad or to the cities in search of jobs, leaving behind children and elderly. Schools and medical facilities have closed for lack of staff and there is an epidemic of loneliness among Moldova’s older rural residents. Max and his team want to create a visual treatment of the problem that includes input from experts on the subject as well as portraits of those affected.