FORUM 2000: November Bulletin

New publication from the Forum 2000 annual conference

Read the new publication from our 26th Forum 2000 Conference in Prague, “Democracy’s Clear and Present Danger: How Do We Respond?”. In this issue you will find:

The Way Forward for Ukrainian Refugees in Central and Eastern Europe | Forum 2000, in cooperation with the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM), presents this new policy brief on an important challenge for Central and Eastern Europe and its civil society. Read and download the full document.

November: Remembering the Velvet Revolution

On November 17, we commemorated the 1989 student march that started the Velvet Revolution and led to the end of the communist regime in the former Czechoslovakia. These events continue to inspire thousands of democrats around the globe ever since.
This year, the Forum 2000 team remembered our founder, Václav Havel, and celebrated democracy and freedom on Václav Havel’s Square, Prague, together with thousands of citizens and a wide aray of civil society organizations. Our colleagues spoke to people about the Forum 2000 activities and projects. Among other items at our stand, the new T-shirt #StandWithUkraine, was a major hit!

#Forum2000online: Fighting Silence 

Fighting Silence

“There is this legitimate fear against the reaction of the government because they are convinced the regime will crush you and they have succeeded at doing that in the past. Maybe it comes from a position of love but I also feel like it comes a lot from a position of lack of courage and a position of cowardice”, says Farida Nabourema. Ms. Nabourema, Executive Director of the Togolese Civil League, Togo, joined Hasler Iglesias, a Venezuelan activist and a member of the Forum 2000 ICDR, to talk about oppression and the dangerous consequences of silence. Watch the full interview here.

The Forum 2000 Editor’s pick

A selection of essential articles, opinions and ideas from the Forum 2000 network.

How Qatar Became a World Leader in Sportswashing | Journal of Democracy, National Endowment for Democracy | According to the author, Sarath K. Ganji, “the government has spent billions preparing to host the 2022 World Cup. Never mind the abusive labor practices and human rights violations. It’s betting that your love of the ‘beautiful game’ will make you more fond of this tiny Gulf state, too.” 

The Politics of Enemies | Journal of Democracy, National Endowment for Democracy | According to Michael Ignatieff, a Forum 2000 ICDR member, “democracy’s meaning has always been contested. The problem with substantive definitions of democracy is that democrats do not agree on what it is or what it should be. Democracy itself is not just an unruly contest for power, but also the site of an ongoing debate about what democracy is or should be. Yet letting that struggle become a battle between existential foes risks upending the whole democratic project”. 

Shirin Ebadi on the legal obstacles Iran’s protesters face | The Nobel peace-prize laureate, former judge and Forum 2000 ICDR member on the country’s rotten justice system.