Europeum: new articles and REPORT from 9th Prague Climate Talks

Climate diplomacy: actions for strengthening the EU leadership role in forest protection and sustainable development.

In the latest blog, Helder Hermani writes about the ways of protection of the Amazon rainforest and environment in general by the European Union as well as other actors. You can read the full blog article here.

Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world. It hosts 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity and it plays a significant role in soil conditioning, clean air, the water cycle, and a vital carbon store that slows down the pace of global warming. However, the most recent analysis suggests a sharp growth in deforestation over the past two months in particular, with about a hectare being logged every minute. Should this pace continue, the Amazon rainforest will rapidly reach a point at which natural recovery will be impossible.

Free trade agreement EU-MERCOSUR: Essence, challenges and expectations

In the latest blog, Helder Hermani explores the EU-MERCOSUR free trade agreement. You can read the full blog article here.

During the beginning of the 14th G20 Osaka Summit, on June 28th, the European Union and MERCOSUR announced an ambitious – but controversial – trade agreement that promises to increase the political dialogue, the investment cooperations and to open a free market of goods and services between the blocs. The Mercosur (Southern Common Market, in Spanish initials) is a regional integration process, comprising as founders and currently active members Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

EU MONITOR: The Original Sins of the new European Commission

This EU Monitor was written by our associated research fellow Piotr Maciej Kaczyński. He tackles the increased political confrontation in the European political arena.

There are signals of increased political confrontation in the European political arena. The new European Commission has not yet taken office and already has two big political problems awaiting it: how to deal with the democratisation of the Union and how to address the Euroskeptic support for the Commission in the eyes of the pro-European forces.

We call them “the original sins” of the new Commission, but in fact they may mean that if the Juncker Commission was a political one, the von der Leyen Commission might be the most political commission in the history of the institution.

REPORT: Prague Climate Talks: How will the new European Parliament tackle climate change?

The ninth debate from the project Prague Climate Talks took place on Thursday 20th June 2019 at the European House. This project is co-organised by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Prague, under the auspices of the UN Information Centre Prague.

The topic of the ninth debate was “How will the new European Parliament tackle climate change?”. The panelists were Linda Kalcher (European Climate Foundation) and Michal Berg (European Greens). The debate was moderated by Kateřina Davidová from EUROPEUM.

The full report is available hereThe photo gallery is available here.