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Prague Media Point: What’s Working

5 prosince, 20197 prosince, 2019

Conference for journalists, media professionals, and scholars

Tomes have been written and numerous events have been held over the past decade lamenting the plight of the media in the modern world. Much less attention has been paid to what’s actually working to challenge negative trends, especially beyond the success stories of the big, well-funded players in the United States and Western Europe. But hopeful examples do exist that are having a real impact, with the possibility of adaption and replication. 


The 2019 edition of Prague Media Point Conference will highlight these types of inspiring examples and more. We will offer a mix of scholarly presentations, including keynote addresses; sessions with innovators explaining their solutions; and networking opportunities to promote the exchange of know-how. As in years past, the conference will have a special regional focus on Central and Eastern Europe, though we look forward to covering cases and trends from other parts of the world.

Prague Media Point’s mission is to make disruption in the media work for the public good by fostering solution-oriented expert gatherings drawing on unique regional perspectives and providing lasting networking experiences.


5 prosince, 2019
7 prosince, 2019
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