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Říjen 2019

FORUM 2000 Festival of democracy: Recovering the promise of 1989

11 října - 17 října

The Festival of Democracy is the associated program of the Forum 2000 Conference. Our mission is to celebrate civic action as the cornerstone of a free and democratic society. We want to inspire public discussion about citizens’ shared responsibility for society, about tolerance and respect for human rights, about the world we want to live in and about democracy. We want to encourage contemplation of the challenges the future will bring. The Festival of Democracy offers lectures, discussions, exhibitions, screenings and other activities that complement and further develop the themes of the conference. The Festival of Democracy cooperates with NGOs, universities and many other partners of the Forum 2000 Foundation and offers them a possibility to present civic society activities and reflect on issues being…

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Listopad 2019

Annual Conference of the Czech-German Discussion Forum: “1989-2019: AND WHAT NEXT?”

2 listopadu

Annual Conference of the Czech-German Discussion Forum will be held this year in Leipzig on November 2, 2019. The topic “1989-2019: AND WHAT NEXT?” reflects thirty years from turbulent changes in society. Discussions will be concerned in not only society development, changes of values, and political development but also in challenges which both countries face in current time and in the context of membership in the European Union. The Annual Conference is organized by Forum 2000 Foundation in cooperation with the Council of Czech-German Discussion Forum and Czech-German Future Fund. The conference program will be available within a few weeks. More information to be found on the FORUM 2000…

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Prosinec 2019

Prague Media Point: What’s Working

5 prosince - 7 prosince

Conference for journalists, media professionals, and scholars Tomes have been written and numerous events have been held over the past decade lamenting the plight of the media in the modern world. Much less attention has been paid to what’s actually working to challenge negative trends, especially beyond the success stories of the big, well-funded players in the United States and Western Europe. But hopeful examples do exist that are having a real impact, with the possibility of adaption and replication.    The…

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