Transitions Online: new articles & Media Solidarity Belarus Campaign

Media Solidarity Belarus campaign just launched to support independent
Belarusian journalists, media workers, and non-state newsrooms that are under pressure for their professional activity.

The Rule of Law, Not Guns or Money

Judges have the right to arrive the opinion that the evidence is insufficient. But they must explain it sufficiently. A reaction to the acquittal in the Kuciak murder trial. From Dennik N

Around the Bloc – 7 September

Regional headlines: high-profile abduction in Belarus; Jiri Menzel dies; Trump the peacemaker; a popular Romanian village; and documentaries commemorate Beslan siege.

Around the Bloc – 4 September

Regional headlines: Ethnic tensions in Montenegro; more protests in Bulgaria; another Azeri opposition leader jailed; Polish borrowers win reprieve; and a contentious Czech trip to Taiwan.

Monsters in Our Heads

In Moldova, a tiny volunteer-run operation runs the country’s sole suicide prevention hotline. From Read more.

Creating a Healthier Infosphere in Central Europe and Beyond

Disinformation affects smaller markets in particular ways, as tech giants fail to implement their own community standards. Pressure for change needs to come from within the region.

Breaking Down the Four Walls

When strangers praise her as “normal,” Montenegrin writer Kristina Cetkovic doesn’t take it as an insult but as evidence that the mere fact of her existence helps erase stereotypes.

More Work, Less Pay

Immigrant doctors say they are getting a raw deal with salary cuts and other grievances mounting. 

Around the Bloc – 2 September

Regional headlines: Navalny poisoned with Novichok; Russian trolls and U.S. elections; Romanian political hardball; ethnic Mongolians protest in China; and outdoor exams in Uzbekistan