TOL’s crowdfunding project, Press Start, has a big summer

Chantal Flores in Al Jazeera

We’re proud to report that Mexican journalist Chantal Flores’ story, “Searching DNA: identifying the disappeared in Colombia,” which was supported by Press Start donors, was published September 2 on Al Jazeera’s website. Chantal captured the determination of scientists and the desperation of grieving families amid efforts to use DNA matching to identify the remains of tens of thousands of people who went missing in the country’s decades-long conflict. Click here to read the article.

Press Start teams up with a preeminent Moroccan press advocate

We have also launched a campaign for Hicham Mansouri, an esteemed press-freedomadvocate and journalist from Morocco, now living in exile in France. Mansouri spent 10 months in prison in Morocco on charges related to prostitution and adultery. Arrested one day after receiving key evidence in an investigation he was conducting into state surveillance, Mansouri was declared a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International. Shortly after being released in 2016, he faced additional charges of threatening state security while working to introduce to Morocco the Storymaker app, which facilitates citizen journalism and multimedia reporting. As a result, Hicham fled to Paris. Press Start is helping him to raise funds for a story on the corruption he witnessed during his stay in prison. To see his campaign, please click here. And please spread the word.

Max Sarychau blows past his goal, begins work on torture in Belarus project

And more success! In one of Press Start’s fastest campaigns, photojournalist Max Sarychau easily exceeded his crowdfunding goal of $1,420, raising $2,130 for a project on the victims of the degrading or brutal punishment that is pervasive in Belarusian prisons and police stations. Max will work with one of the country’s leading human rights groups to tell his story in text, photos, documents, and audio/video materials.