TENSIONS – A PHD Programme in Post-Soviet Affairs

In the Frame of The Project:

Post-Soviet Tensions: A PhD and post-doctoral Training Programme in Post-Soviet Affairs for Early Career Researchers

Funded by the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission and coordinated by Dublin City University

We would like to invite you on 25 March 2015 at 16.30

to Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences Smetanovo nabrezi 6, Prague 1. Tram stop Narodni trida

To the screening of the Movie: “20” http://www.historiavivens.eu/2/film_20_twenty_testimonies_about_the_turning_point_of_the_maid an_1071822.html#

Followed by a short debate: “the (too) many truths behind Maidan in Ukraine)

Representatives of the following institutions will intervene:

Dublin City University (Ireland)

Forschungstelle Osteuropa (Germany)

University of St Andrews (UK)

University of Oslo (Norway)

University of Warsaw (Poland)

Tallinn University (Estonia)

Ibidem Verlag (Germany)

Transitions (the Czech Republic)

GeoWel (Georgia)

SIAR Research (Kyrgyzstan)

Levada (Russian Federation)

Caucasus InterConnect (the Netherlands)

Office for a Democratic Belarus (Belgium)