Reinvigorating the EU enlargement policy

EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy would like to draw your attention to our newest policy paper titled: Reinvigorating the EU enlargement policy: Phasing-in as a way to overcome the enlargement impasse.

The publication is written by Senior Research Fellow Jana Juzová in co-operation with our Head of Brussels Office, Žiga Faktor.

“Ideas of accelerated or gradual integration are currently shaping the future of the EU enlargement process. Introduced within the revised enlargement methodology and further developed by the think-tank community, these concepts aim to enhance the transformative power of EU enlargement, making the path to European membership smoother and more predictable for candidate countries. This would mean more rewards based on the progress of candidate countries, which allows for integration into EU policies, institutions, and funds, but also reversibility in case of backsliding. Policy paper analyses think tank proposals and ongoing initiatives, identifies opportunities for tangible progress, and provides actionable recommendations to turn these concepts into reality.”

Download the full paper here.