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Belgrade Security Forum (BSF) Volunteers: Open Call for Applications
The organizers of the Belgrade Security Forum (BSF) are pleased to invite enthusiastic and motivated students and graduates from universities, schools and institutes based in Serbia and abroad to join the BSF team for the 6th Belgrade Security Forum. Deadline to apply is 20 May 2106.

Call for Participants: Webinar on “How to increase transparency and efficiency at local government level through on-line services”
The Institute for Democracy and Mediation in Tirana, Albania, invites interested participants to a webinar on the topic of “How to increase transparency and efficiency at local government level through on-line services,” which will be held in English on May 16th, 2016, 11:00-11:45 AM Central European Time (CET).


ICPS project releases corruption allegations
Anti-corruption activists participating in an International Centre for Policy Studies project have submitted to Ukrainian authorities the results of 20 investigations that detail allegations of embezzlement of public funds, fraud, cronyism, and other forms of corruption.


Austrian border plan damaging symbolic Brenner Pass
Austria’s plans to reimpose border control at the Brennar Pass could be considered as another both concrete and symbolic move towards a weaker European cooperation within the increasingly complicated solution to the migration crisis, according to an blog article by EUROPEUM analyst Alexandr Lagazzi.


Roma’ migration in the EU: the case of Spain between ‘new’ and ‘old’ minorities
Written by CPS-CEU Research Associate Stefano Piemontese, this article examines the politics of Roma ethnicity by giving a concise, yet comprehensive, overview of how recent Roma migrations from EU Member States to Spain can be understood and analyzed.