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What should be the strategy of Ukraine after Brexit?
The Institute of World Policy is holding this September 19 roundtable in Kyiv.

145th mBank-CASE Seminar: The Catalan Economy: Crisis, Recovery and Policy Challenges
CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research is holding this September 29 conference in Warsaw.

Reflection of the Belarusian parliamentary elections
The Association of International Affairs is holding this September 19 public debate in Prague.


IDIS report: Moldovan public procurement has low level of transparency and competitiveness
Moldova’s public procurement system is hampered by a low degree of transparency, competitiveness, and compliance with the state’s legal and institutional framework, according to an IDIS report produced in connection with a PASOS project.

IPA joins project on populism in European politics
The Institute of Public Affairs has joined an international consortium of think tanks working on a project to map and analyze the rise of populism in European politics.

Institut Alternativa joins boycott against Montenegrin government’s NGO council
Institut Alternativa has joined 10 other Montenegrin NGOs have boycotted a meeting of the government’s NGO council, charging it has undermined the work of the civil society groups that are members of the council.

Kosovo municipal leaders focus on transparency at PASOS project workshop
A group of 30 municipal leaders from a town in Kosovo gathered for a workshop on how they can improve transparency and boost public participation at the local level, as part of a PASOS project on open government.

ICPS launches Regional Anticorruption Coalition
The International Centre for Policy Studies has launched a network of NGOs to help coordinate the efforts of groups fighting corruption in Ukraine.

IWP poll: Market access, NATO/EU integration top foreign policy concerns of Ukrainians
More than 54 percent of Ukrainians say that gaining access to markets is the most important priority its foreign policy leaders should be focusing on, according to the results of an Institute for World Policy public-opinion poll.

Peace Institute director pens book on ‘The Erased’
Peace Institute Director Neža Kogovšek Šalamon has written a book about ‘the Erased,’ a group of thousands of Slovenian residents who were unlawfully stripped of their citizenship after the breakup of Yugoslavia.


Challenges of local government units in the fight against corruption
This Institute for Democracy and Mediation report assesses the current capacities of local-government units in the fight against corruption, and the capacities and knowledge of CSOs as regards their contribution to good governance at the local level.

ENP Review – Towards effective EU action in the Eastern neighbourhood?
The first issue of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy’s new publication, Eastern Monitor, offers an analysis of the EU’s recent review of its European Neighbourhood Policy.