EU-Russia Civil Society Forum: On the Addition of Czech NGO “People in Need” to the List of “Undesirable Organisations” in Russia

The Board of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum strongly condemns the addition of the Czech NGO “People in Need” to the list of “undesirable organisations” in Russia. It is impermissible that a well-respected civil society organisation from a European Union member state is deemed “undesirable” in Russia.

We call on the European Commission, members of the European Parliament and representatives of European Union member states to publicly express their dismay over the decision and communicate their position to their Russian counterparts. The issue should be raised as long as necessary during meetings between Brussels and Moscow with the goal of de-lisiting “People in Need” and ultimately of stopping this repressive practice.

We also call on the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, Dunja Mijatović, to voice her discontent in meetings with Russian colleagues, and to contribute to a widespread dissemination of the issue.

The Board of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum regards this decision as part of a new wave of repression against independent civil society in Russia, as the addition to the list is primarily aimed at putting an end to its cooperation with partners and like-minded associations in other countries. We call on Russian authorities to repeal not only this decision but also to reconsider the entire legislation, which contravenes fundamental principles of international law and violates international obligations of the Russian Federation.

You can read the full text of the statement on the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum website.