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As in years past, TOL is again offering a full range of courses this summer in Prague: investigative journalism, international reporting, new media, and photojournalism. International donors have provided scholarships to support the attendance of trainees from TOL’s target region.
New Media for NGOs

In this seminar taking place from 11-16 July, designed specially for the nonprofit sector, participants will learn – and practice – ways to use new media to more effectively accomplish their organizations’ goals. Four of the trainees have been awarded grants to take part in the seminar. They come from Georgia and Moldova, where they write for online publications and actively promote new media.
Learning How to Dig

Students and journalists from around the world will learn about a variety of investigative journalism topics at a seminar led by award-winning trainers on 18-23 July. Several participants will be joining the training thanks to grant sponsorship, including a Georgian journalist who produces investigative films and an Azeri reporter at the Institute for War and Peace Reporting.

Featured Content

Transitions Online ( often showcases the work produced through our grant programs. Some of the highlights from June include the following stories:
14 June 2010
‘My Homeland Is Here’
TOL slide show: Two elderly Azeri women reflect on coming to – and staying in – Nagorno-Karabakh.
By Kristine Khanumian
17 June 2010
Signs of the Times
TOL slide show: Young Praguers put their political views in writing for a visiting photographer.
By Alla Maximova
21 June 2010
Gunfire, Panic, and Rumors
An ethnic Uzbek describes his family’s escape from Osh, one step ahead of attackers.
By Aibek Talipov
30 June 2010
Sordid Fairy Tale  
One family of Kalderash Roma speaks out against the custom of early marriage.
By Petru Zoltan and Michael J. Jordan


News on Neweurasia


The Kyrgyz team at TOL’s partner citizen journalism site,, had a pretty busy June, as one might imagine. Our bloggers posted continuous updates, analysis, photos, and video on the violence in southern Kyrgyzstan and its aftermath, logging more than 100 posts in Russian and more than 40 in English.

Neweurasia spiked considerably – unique visitors in June increased by more than 30 percent (17,956) month-on-month, and page views were up a whopping 46 percent (45,737) – showing that thousands of people worldwide are turning to Neweurasia for information when Central Asia is in the global spotlight.

New Media Road Show

Almost 100 people in eight cities have attended TOL new media workshops targeted at people working for local NGOs and media outlets throughout Azerbaijan over the past month. Half of the cities – Gazakh, Imishli, Shirvan, and Sumgayit – hosted TOL workshops for the first time. The events, funded by IREX and the OSCE, continue this week in the city of Ismayilli.