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Press Start is back with a new campaign! Support Regina, an award-winning radio journalist from Tanzania, and help her report on early marriage and its contribution to poor maternal health in her country. If successful in raising funds, Regina will produce a broadcast series for a local radio station, which will have a direct impact on the affected community. Every donation counts, even more modest ones!

Houses and Fences

By Andrada Fiscutean and Sorina VasileLooking for safety and control, some Romanians are moving into isolated residential complexes. From Decat o Revista. Read more

Around the Bloc – 18 May

Our news roundup: theater protests in Albania; surrogate babies stuck in Ukraine; Bulgarian TV outraged; quarantined cashmere in Mongolia; and still no COVID-19 in Turkmenistan. Read more.

More of the Same

By Aubrey Simon – Disinformation and pressures on journalists continue to plague Serbia, and pro-presidential propaganda even got so bad that Twitter had to enter the fray. Read more.

Around the Bloc – 15 May

In the news today: Russia at odds with U.S. media; protests in Bulgaria; coronavirus in Tajikistan; Bleiburg massacre commemorations; and remembering an illustrious Czech. Read more.

Reporters Instead of Prosecutors

By Sladan Tomic – How Bosnian reporters uncovered a series of apparent frauds in public contracts for pandemic-related medical supplies. Read more

Around the Bloc – 14 May

News from around the bloc: Russian ventilators in the U.S.; Budapest and Brussels; the Khachaturyan sisters; Orthodox priests held in Montenegro; and Georgian tea pickers in Turkey. Read more

‘Corona Ciao’: Parody of Old Revolutionary Song Goes Viral in the Balkans

By Filip Stojanovski – Even Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has got involved. From Global Voices. Read more

Around the Bloc – 13 May

Highlights from our coverage region: asylum seeker abuse in Croatia; opening up in Uzbekistan; Telegram abandons blockchain; stunning fossils in Bulgaria; and a friendly reminder for Georgia. Read more.

Czech Republic (Re)Discovers Drive-Ins

When the coronavirus emptied streets and city centers, people found a retro solution to social isolation: drive-in theaters. Read more.