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People: Time to Put Havel on the Slovak Map
Thirty years have passed since the playwright president led
a revolution for all of Czechoslovakia, and yet there is no solid
monument to his achievements in Slovakia.By Rick Zednik21 October 2019

Around the Bloc – 21 October
Regional news highlights: elections in North Macedonia, and
in Chisinau; protests against sexual violence in Croatia; Latvian
citizenship; and disappearing hospitals in Russia.

Around the Bloc – 18 October:  In the news today: Albin Kurti and the Albanian flag; an incident in a Russian court; Azeri names; a Romanian dissident; and facial recognition tools in Kazakhstan.

Politics: The Mixed Fruits of Poland’s Freedom. Thirty years after leading the democratic transition in Central Europe, Poland is struggling to uphold democratic institutions and discover a sense of political community.
From the German Marshall Fund. By Wawrzyniec Smoczynski 17 October 2019

Around the Bloc – 17 October: TOL’s regional news roundup: a Ukrainian prosecutor with U.S. ties; Laura Codruta Kovesi; purges in Chechnya; a makeover for Ulaanbaatar; and protests in Belgrade.

Economy & Business: New York Law Shines Light on Shadowy Real
Estate Deals
Wealthy powerbrokers from the former Soviet Union have long relied on the use of shell companies to buy Manhattan real estate.
From Eurasianet. By Jack Strosser16 October 2019

Around the Bloc – 16 October
Regional news highlights: a Russian troll in Belarus; gender equality;
racism in Bulgarian football; Russian Arctic military games; and the Turkmen economy.

In at the Ground Floor or Out in the Cold
Central Europe should get involved with negotiations to shape the
next EU budget round – or end up outside a framework they did not
help to design.
15 October 2019

Around the Bloc – 15 October
In the news: a Balkan mini-Schengen; Kosovo and Serbia;
ex-Kyrgyz leader goes on trial; nationalists march in Kyiv; and
Dacia’s rise.


Stateless No More: Kyrgyzstan Shows Central Asia The Path to Citizenship
A practical approach to the problem of statelessness, pioneered in Kyrgyzstan, offers hope across Central Asia.
15 August 2019

Albania’s Vote of No Confidence
Battered by more damaging wiretaps, Prime Minister Rama admits his country is not ready to join the EU.
26 June 2019