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People: Stateless No More: Kyrgyzstan Shows Central Asia the Path to Citizenship 
A practical approach to the problem of statelessness, pioneered in Kyrgyzstan, offers hope across Central Asia.
15 August 2019

News: Around the Bloc – 15 August 
Today’s highlights: Russian doping; brain drain in North Macedonia; a new Albanian media law; and a Ukrainian bribery scandal.
15 August 2019

Society: Banned From the Beach: Excluding Syrians from Public Spaces
A clash over access to public beaches has become the latest battle this summer, in ongoing tensions between the Turkish public and Syrian refugees.
14 August 2019 

News: Around the Bloc – 14 August
In the news today: Azerbaijan and U.S. arms; Slovak castles; a Hungarian-Finnish spat; a kindergarten in Serbia; and Moscow city elections.
14 August 2019 

Economy & Business: Russia Intensifies De-Dollarization Drive
Buying gold, dumping U.S. assets – many countries are doing it, but Moscow’s reasons are as much political as financial.

News: Around the Bloc – 13 August
Today’s highlights: a Tajik IS leader; a Ukrainian wunderkind; a controversial Croatian movie; graffiti in Moscow; and money for Chisinau.
13 August 2019 

Syrian Refugees Search for New Homes in Turkey
Turkey has taken in 3.5 million refugees from the Syrian conflict. After an often perilous journey, the newcomers must still find a place to live – sometimes in the face of hostility.
16 November 2018

For Estonia’s Russian Speakers, Two Decades with a Gray Passport  
The fall of the Soviet Union meant that some who had been citizens of the largest country on earth were now citizens of nowhere.
5 August 2011
13 August 2019