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“Journalists in Lockdown”

To mark the one-year anniversary of global lockdowns, we asked journalists to share their experiences of reporting during quarantine. We gathered stories from the U.K to Georgia about learning new skills, taking precautions when doing fieldwork, and adapting to the difficult times in order to keep the public informed. 

Each Wednesday in April, we shared these stories on our social media channels. To participate, we asked those interested to post a photo and a relevant comment with the hashtag #JournalistsInLockdown

COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories in the Czech Republic

In our last newsletter, we spoke about a study conducted by our partner, the Czech STEM Institute, in cooperation with Transitions. The study evaluated the state of conspiracy theories and disinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic in the Czech Republic. While we already shared with you some of the preliminary findings, we can now present the entire report for readers interested in taking a deeper look into the issue.

The report “COVID-19 and Conspiracy Spreaders” can be found here.