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Saving the Beer

By Emma Whitt – Czechs (who else?) come up with a way to defend their microbreweries during the pandemic. Read more

At the Mercy of the Epidemic

By Tomas Forro – The official version is that Ukraine is managing the virus, thanks to its health workers. Many of those health workers, however, tell a different story. Read more

Around the Bloc – 27 April

Our news roundup: Russian cathedral to celebrate the military; Polish mines close amid dozens of COVID-19 cases; the fight against dirty money in Armenia; outbreak at Belarusian orphanage; and ending transgender in Hungary. Read more.

Around the Bloc – 24 April

In the news today: Armenian genocide commemorations; Sarajevo gets IMF loan; a journalist threatened in Chechnya; fake NATO news in Lithuania; and Albanian migrants in Greece. Read more.

Amid Crisis, Creativity Moves Online

By Aubrey Simon – Museums, galleries, cinemas, and theaters most everywhere may be closed, but the spirit of art lives on the net. Read more

The Disinformation Virus

By Daniel Milo – All the lies will not disappear as the pandemic retreats, but it may be an opportunity for the Slovak state to give these threats the attention they deserve. Read more

Around the Bloc – 23 April

News from around the bloc: Saakashvili’s back again; fire at Polish national park; COVID strikes Ukrainian monastery; fines in Romania; and a birthday party on Red Square. Read more.

Around the Bloc – 22 April

Highlights from our coverage region: secret Russian trial of ex-U.S. Marine; new COVID-19 hospital in Moscow; Ukrainian journalist suspected of Euromaidan murder; the Budapest-Belgrade railway; and Turkmenistan falls short of EU aid. Read more.

Russians Launch Mass Virtual Protests Using Satnav Application
By Maxim Edwards – A wave of “digital protests” strikes a country under lockdown. From Global Voices. Read more

Around the Bloc – 21 April

Today’s regional news: Slovak government pledges; North Ossetians and Bosnians protest lockdowns; a hot spot flares in Estonia; and world press freedom rankings. Read more.

Emergency Room Workers on the Frontline
By Gonca Tokyol – As COVID-19 cases spike in Turkey – and now surpass China – some medical workers clash with government assertions over the level of preparedness in the country’s hospitals. Read more


By Boyko Vassilev – Bulgarians cooperate to contain the virus, but still believe in COVID plots. Read more