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No Place for Transgender People in Georgia’s Labor Market

By Tamuna Chkareuli — The chronic instability of Georgia’s workplaces meets social stigma. Read more.

Around the Bloc – 9 March

Headlines from around the region: violent Women’s Day rally in Kyrgyzstan; call-center scammers in Kyiv, Balkans; a Romanian medical success story; Zelenskiy defends government reshuffle; and ancient Mongolian empires. Read more.

Winning Hearts and Minds or Profiting from the Enemy?

By Tatiana Kozak — The outbreak of fighting in eastern Ukraine thrust book publishing into the role of cultural warrior. Read more.

Around the Bloc – 6 March

Headlines from around the region: bankers arrested in Moldova; Katyn, 80 years on; a Baltic-Black Sea waterway; HIV in Tajikistan; and climate migrants in Bosnia. Read more.

Dig Deeper in Disinformation Debate

By Jonas Syrovatka— After half a decade building its reputation as a leader in analyzing and countering disinformation, the Czech Republic must consider new sources and forms of the phenomenon. Read more.

Poland’s Judges Are Being ‘Harassed into Obedience’

By Susan Corke — Judges, civil society, and the opposition have taken the lead as the protectors of the rule of law in Poland. Read more.

Around the Bloc – 5 March

Headlines from around the region: deputy replaces ousted Ukrainian PM; Dacia’s electric revolution; Central Asian prisoners; demographics in Central Europe; and bears in Russia. Read more.

Slovak Elections 2020: Reasons to be Scared

By Michal Chmela — Like its name, the party that won the most seats in the Slovak parliament is a bit of an ideological mess. Read more.

Moldova’s Youth Hope for Change From Afar

By Catalina Dumbraveanu — Young Moldovans may be emigrating en masse, but they’re not apathetic. Read more.

Around the Bloc – 4 March

Headlines from around the region: Slovenia gets new-old PM; Greta too sensitive for Hungary; a Russian Disneyland; an arms trafficking priest in Ukraine; and the Lithuanian art scene. Read more.

Central Europe’s Lonely Liberals Seeking Solace

By Martin Ehl— What will liberal politicians do after once again being left out in the cold, this time in Slovakia? Read more.